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Introducing Korea Association of Convergence Contents


Jeanhun Chung

Chairman of Korea Association of Convergence Contents

Professor of Dongguk University,

Seoul Korea

Chairman of the International Association of Culture Contents


International Conference
International Exhibition

Publication of Journal
International Cultural Exchange
Convergence Content Research
Convergence Content Education
Convergence Content Business


Hello dear everyone. I'm JeanHun Chung, Chairman of the Korea Association of Convergence Contents (KACC).

We are pleased to have you visit the website on the Korea Association of Convergence Contents.


KACC(the Korea Association of Convergence Contents) is an association to enhance the academic value of convergence content industry and Knowledge, it organized an international academic exchange programs and study on convergence content throughout the whole.

And upheavals in the world right now and the new wave of digital convergence content flourished role of convergence content experts are becoming increasingly added to its value.

The association will work to discover convergence content field experts, including cultural and technical collaborations for convergence content business and international policy, and contribute to regional and national development through hosting business and academic conferences, arts and technology exhibitions.

Korea Association of Convergence Contents and we will help creative and practical set direction and create a new way of convergence content industry front ranks of cultural


Thank you for your continued interest and encouragement. I am grateful.

Chairman of ​Korea Association of Convergence Contents   Jeanhun Chung


Association that increases the value of knowledge and leads the 4th industry and convergence cultural contents


KACC focuses on digital convergence content in the 4th industry. We publish specialized journal [Journal of convergence contents] and redefine the latest trends, technologies, and knowledge in the relevant fields. We are also organically collaborating and developing with the following organizations:


The International Association of Culture Contents(IACC)

Dongguk University, Seoul Korea

Convergence Content Company & Association


Our knowledge can create new content that craves a new culture contents with longing for newness and a blend of advanced technology. Experts from the same group gather to research and conference to make better results.

We strive to develop balanced convergence content.

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